Friday, 7 June 2013

Twelfth Doctor: Updated Speculation

The website Starburst has come into news from it's sources that the BBC will announce the new Doctor tomorrow, Saturday 8th June. This announcement, being just one week since the announcement of Matt Smith's departure, is to apparently stop a Sunday paper scoop. And the article puts forward three names from it's sources...

This isn't spoilers - just speculation, and here's my thoughts on the three latest names put forward..

He's played a Weasley (no not one of the main two) in the last Harry Potter film  - and he's ginger. But that's the thing. Has he only been put forward as a name (made up as a name) because he is ginger? Because his IMDB does show he isn't working at the minute? (Well, he's in something currently in pre-production, so does this rule him out anyway?) I think he'd be an interesting choice. Purely on look, he looks 'ordinary' enough to throw people, and unpredictability is good. The thing is - I still think he looks far too young. He's 30 - the same age as Matt Smith - and I'm pretty sure the Producers would feel that an older choice is better..

A Doctor that's not white is something often speculated - and I think that's both more likely and a good idea. However - Daniel Kaluuya is a bad idea. He's the only one of the three I've seen act - which isn't good for him. He played Barclay in 2009's Planet of the Dead. Which he was great in. But he really wouldn't fit the role of the Doctor. I can't imagine him acting differently (having seen him in Johnny English Reborn too), and I can't imagine him being the Doctor. Furthermore - he's only 23! He's way way too young to be the Doctor. Sorry.

He looks older, he looks different, and his appearance already gives him the darker, more serious edge I feel the Doctor now needs. And facial hair. (Domhnall Gleeson has this as well.) The only thing that I believe will stop Cooper getting the role is his involvement in several big movies, and his upcoming involvement in Dracula, which is currently in pre-production. So while I think his choice is unpredictable - I worry he might be a little bit too big for the role.

We'll have to wait and see - and maybe we will find out tomorrow who the Doctor is. I think that might take the edge of Matt leaving - but I can't wait to find out who the new Doctor is either. I'm happy for Cooper or Gleeson to have the role (more happy for Cooper though) - and you can see my other suggestions here.


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