Monday, 10 June 2013

Trilby Wearing Auton: The New Look!


This has been hinted at on my Twitter feed for a while and it's been accessible for a few weeks, but my Trilby Wearing Auton rebrand has officially begun! You can find me on TWITTER, TUMBLR, BLOGGER (Obviously), INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE and SOUNDCLOUD, and all of those will have the same look and logo.

TWITTER: @trilbyauton
TUMBLR: trilbywearingauton
I'll be posting lots of random pictures and music to the Tumblr because apparently that's what people do..
BLOGGER: You're here!
And updates continue as normal.
INSTAGRAM: trilbywearingauton
More random pictures.
YOUTUBE: trilbywearingauton
The most important feature of the rebrand, I'll be posting lots of vlogs and videos onto here. Subscribe!
SOUNDCLOUD: trilbywearingauton
Recordings of poems and Audio Dramas should be on here soon.

Along with this, there will also be a new feature coming to this blog. The page above called "50 50" will soon be host to 50 word reviews of every Doctor Who episode ever, as I aim to complete a Marathon. It may not necessarily be in order, but hopefully concise reviews will make my Marathon of episodes easier to follow.

I hope you like the rebrand, and don't forget to keep checking here for updates and the various other places I now have.

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