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The Twelfth Doctor

I apologise for doing the same as everyone else will be doing for the next month, but I couldn't resist. Yesterday (June 1st) it was announced that Matt Smith was leaving after four years as the Doctor. Personally, I dont really mind. I wanted him to stay longer, as I think he's been one of the best actors ever to play the Doctor, and it's a joy watching him. However, there's been increasing speculation about him leaving, plus he deserves to be doing bigger things. So yeah, not surprised he's leaving. A bit disappointed though. The news was hinted at strongly by Doctor Who Online and a few others, so most people on Twitter knew that the announcement would be made. Along with the speculation, I feel the rumours and 'leaks' beforehand took away from the actual announcement. We can only hope the announcement of the new Doctor is handled much better.

So who should be the new Doctor? It's times like this I realise how behind I am with modern actors and possibly actresses. I could easily suggest actors from The Prisoner or Sapphire & Steel, but that's not much good. So after some research, a delve through my own memory and a look at some other lists - here's who I believe should play The Twelfth Doctor. These are in no particular order.

Probably one of my top choices after his performance in Skyfall. He's quite Matt Smith like in look and probably age, so maybe on this occasion it wouldn't work. However, he's certainly a good enough actor to play the part, and it's the quality of acting that matters more than quirkiness of personality. Which is why some comedians and comedy actors people are mentioning, who I've not really any idea about, would be bad choices.

This one's down to BBC Breakfast, but it's been in my head for a lot longer. At one stage I was planning a series of Figure Adventures with a custom Eddie Redmayne figure (I never made). He'd certainly be different. I've seen him in both Birdsong and Les Miserables, and in both he just stares at people and falls in love. So it'd be good to see him have to act differently, and he'd bring something different to the role. I actually could not imagine what he'd do, and that unpredictability would be great. No one would be able to imagine what he'd be like, but it would certainly be one of the strangest incarnations of the Time Lord - so why not pick Eddie? (Well, he's doing massive films for one..)

This is another name that gets thrown about by fandom, and probably the same fandom that throw round Benedict Cumberbatch's name. But I think he'd be good, a bit more predictable than Redmayne, and perhaps too used to the kind of circles Doctor Who gets mixed with. I'd feel comfortable with this choice though, but would hope he could do something a little bit different to surprise us all.

Because obviously, he is the best actor in creation, and there should be no other choice. He's not too old either. And don't even get me started on the people who say the Doctor needs to be good looking.

He's both a good actor and I think, a good choice. He's, again, perhaps far too big for the series, but it'd be interesting to see him tackle the role.

Yes - a woman! I'm not sure a woman would work at the minute, for the following reason:
I was discussing this with a friend, a female, the other day when watching City of Death (she made it to the end of Part One) and she said there should be a female Doctor. And my issue with that is that it would be so difficult not to write them as River Song. Especially if Moffat, who seems to write most female characters the same, is staying on for Series 8, apparently. If you had a different writer who could handle female characters well, and a 'normal' actress, who wasn't picked on personality on character acting, then it might work. But at the minute, an over the top female actress written by Moffat seems too likely and would be awful to watch.
So Olivia would be a good choice, she seems to be a good mix of 'normal' actress and comedy actress, and she can act all kind of genres (and she comes across as a little bit insane, which is always good). I'd be confident with this choice - but perhaps not with Moffat as the writer.

I need to thank Blogtor Who for this suggestion because I'd never even heard of him. He acted alongside Karen Gillan in 'We'll Take Manhattan', and he's definitely got an unearthly, darker look about him. If the Doctor is meant to be becoming darker than maybe it's time for an actor that reflects that, and after watching some brief clips and looking at a few pictures, I'm thinking maybe he might be a good choice. He's unknown enough, he's interesting enough, and with the right look, he should be a possible. Oh and he's Welsh, which is awesome.

Here's another suggestion! Harry Lloyd would probably be my ideal choice. He played Banes wonderfully in Human Nature/Family of Blood, and he's a superb actor. He's posher (which is part of the criteria I mentioned below) and he would have a more serious approach to the role, which is good, because we need a bit of that drama and mystery back. I honestly would be sooo happy if Harry Lloyd got the role. Please Moffat.

So if I can't pick a specific actor, and let's face it the list above isn't great, then I can pick criteria:
  • Older. Not too much older, unless it's Ian McKellen, but definitely older than Smith was.
  • Posher. That'd be interesting.
  • Without dark hair. But not necessarily ginger...
  • Absolutely under no circumstances ever a fan film Doctor. Ever.
 So. There you have it. Seven choices (now eight), that aren't brilliant but are certainly a varied mix, for the Twelfth Doctor. It seems likely to me that the Twelfth Doctor will be the first "non-white" Doctor, and I only feel sorry for the actor for all the Press that the first non-white Doctor will get. But I haven't got any non-white Doctors on my list - because I can't think of any. Idris Elba is an obvious choice apparently - but I've never seen him act, so he can't go on my list.

Out of the ones I have suggested, I'd want Redmayne or Lloyd the most, just because of the unpredictability and cos I like them as actors. But it's likely a 'jobbing' actor will be picked, that I've not heard of. That's fair enough, I look forward to finding out.

And as for how Matt will regenerate - we'll have to wait and see....

But please, let the word 'love' not be mentioned nor the Sonic Screwdriver overused in his last episode.

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