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Orphan Black | What To Do Next

[Mild Spoilers - but really you should have watched both series by now.]

After an awesome Series Two of BBC America's Orphan Black - I feel a bit lost. [A side note - if you have no idea what Orphan Black is, I highly recommend you borrow a DVD of Series One, or find it on the internet. You won't regret it. Just don't watch the episodes out of order. Both series are available on Amazon, and Series One is here on Instant Video - so go watch!]

Doctor Who's back in August, but aside from that and the prospect of more box set watching, I'm gonna be a bit stuck. Over the last few days since the finale (which was awesome - that's my comprehensive review of it), I've been researching lots of different aspects of the series. I got into Series One a few weeks before Series Two aired, and I got my friend into Series One once Series Two had already started. We had little, or no, time to wait before another batch of ten episodes. But now me and my friend are both up to date - and so we have a year's wait 'til the next series airs. We have a lot of time to fill. Which is one way is great - I can research the behind the scenes aspects, follow all the Tumblr and Twitter accounts, and I have time to find out more stuff about the series I love.

It's also a bad thing - because the researching isn't going to take a year.

But until the next series is on, here are some things you can explore, use and/or obsess over until the series returns.

There's a lot of music in the series and in connection with it, and here are some different links I've found. The first is the Series One Finale Music, which can be found here. There's also, on YouTube, a collection of the music from Series One, an unofficial mini soundtrack, which can be found here. Additionally, you can listen to the heartbreaking version of Cosima's theme from the end of Series Two Episode Eight, which is here. Probably best to listen to that after the Series One Finale Music, for most impact.

And if you need cheering up, I suggest this! This is the Clone Dance Music from the Series Two finale, and can be found here.

There are various other songs featured in the series, including the song in which Sarah becomes Beth in Series One, which can be listened to here. I'm looking for others and will update them soon.

To carry on the music theme, I'll first bring your attention to this. Apparently, Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs S) sings! You can find her songs on iTunes here.

I was going to recommend other TV shows and films the cast have been in, but there's a lot of stuff I've never heard of, and a lot of stuff I wouldn't recommend. So in terms of the cast, I would say the best thing you can do is just rewatch the series.

There are a wealth of interviews and behind the scenes things though. They're worth watching if only to realise that Jordan Gavaris, who plays Felix, sounds so unlike Felix. (As a side note, it's worth reiterating how amazing the actors are in this series.) Here's a search of some of the interviews, which includes some trailers as well, and here's some more. It's worth looking for a Comic Con panel last year with Tatiana Maslany, Gavaris and Dylan Bruce as well.

In terms of conventions, Dylan Bruce was at MCM Comic Con in London earlier this year. There's an MCM Comic Con in various other British cities, and also one in London in the Autumn - but guests for that are yet to be announced. I'm hoping for Maslany and Gavaris, and planning a cosplay with my friend. That's either awesome or quite sad, but I'm going for awesome. I've no idea about American conventions, but I guess there's a reasonable chance of the cast/creators appearing at San Diego Comic Con in the Summer.

Unofficial, unfortunately, but still amazing. There are lots of places to get Orphan Black related items, particularly t-shirts.

RedBubble do a great range of t-shirts. Some of them look better than others, but some of them are amazing and adding themselves to the top of my shopping list.

Etsy do a great range of fan made items from a variety of people, which are also great. I should point out that the more you scroll down that search, the less Orphan Black results you get.

There's a series lack of Orphan Black books, unfortunately, but I'll get onto an alternative for that under 'Miscellaneous'.

If you don't own the series, then that's a mistake. Series One is available pretty much worldwide, and the link for the UK can be found here at Amazon (and here if you want BluRay). Series Two is only available in Region 1 so far, and has the most beautiful cover. It can be found here if anyone is actually reading from Region 1.

Tumblr tells me this is 'Alison dancing on things she shouldn't. So there you go.
In a bid to cover everything that's left and doesn't really fit in the categories above, I've created this section. A number of things can be listened to/watched etc..

There's fan videos, though the majority about Cophine (Cosima/Delphine), and I've picked this one to link to purely because of the song.

I've also tracked down the song (thanks to YouTube) used in the Series Two trailer for BBC America. It can be listened to here and it's called "Alarmed". (The section used for the trailer starts around 1.15 in.)

There's also fan fiction! Not quite as good as an actual Orphan Black novel, and possibly not the next best thing, but there is a lot of it. Again, the majority are about Cophine, but there's some others threaded throughout if you enjoy reading it. The biggest source is here.

And fan art! DeviantArt is usually the best place to look, and the link is here (again, most of the search is relevant), but often the show's creators and cast on Twitter post fan art, so you can find some there too. (I'm not going to post to their individual Twitter feeds, but aside from the cast it's worth looking for Graham Manson and John Fawcett.)

If you're interested in reading, Ethan Duncan's favourite book can be purchased here! Unfortunately not with the same cover.

I may well add other things as I find them - but for now, enjoy exploring, fellow members of Clone Club! Thank you for reading.

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