Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cultural Stuff

Inspired by The Guardian's 'On My Radar' section (you can look at one here if you're unsure), I've decided to write a brief piece on various aspects of 'culture' that I enjoy. It's more exciting than it sounds, and replaces the Advent Calendar that, as per usual, I've done nothing for.

FILM: Psycho (1960)
It has to be Psycho. I like a lot of films, and I'm starting to watch more, but Psycho definitely stands out, and it stands, for me, far above other Hitchcock films. Full of psychology, drama, character - and a good bit of horror as well.
Notable Mentions: Romeo + Juliet (1996) because it's amazing and everyone should love it.

TV: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1960s)
Yes, it's puppets, and yes, it's for kids - but this is seriously good. It goes for moments that are genuinely scary, the drama is genuinely good, and it's an amazing string of stories. Much more serious and dark, and therefore much better, than other Gerry Anderson shows.
Notable Mentions: Broadchurch (2013) because everyone loved it and quite right too. (Also, check out a 1960s series called 'Batfink'. 100x5 minute episodes that are just wacky and awesome.)

MUSIC: Villagers
I listen to a lot of artists and bands, but Villagers are probably the most different. Their songs are awesome, and although probably an acquired taste, if you're into slow and meaningful songs, then definitely take a look.
Best Album: Either, they've only released two, and both feel quite different.
Notable Mentions: Bastille, Tom Odell, Hurts.

BOOK: The Man Who Was Thursday (1908) by GK Chesterton
It was between this and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Two books that are outstanding pieces, but The Man Who Was Thursday is a strange, philosophical and engaging piece, that combines completely mad ideas with an awesome story.
Notable Mentions: Obviously it's going to be The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde.

APP: Minion Rush
I don't really play games on my phone as much as I used to, or indeed use Apps, but Minion Rush is just amazing. Mind you, it has Minions, so of course it is.
Notable Mentions: I find the Cineworld app quite useful as well.

RESTAURANT: Patisserie Valerie
Or "French cafe", as me and my mates call it. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I do love this place. I've only been there a few times, and only when I've gone to Holborn for History Lectures, but it is definitely a highlight.
I won't do Notable Mentions because they'll just be things like Pizza Hut and Nandos.

I'm going to leave Festivals out - because they're on my To Do list.

So - try these things!

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