Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Remembrance Sunday Poem

I don't normally post real-world things on this blog, but when considering if I could do anything for Remembrance Day, I remembered a poem I wrote just over a year ago. I've posted it on here or my old Tumblr once before, but here it is again. (I have written other war poems, but this is the best one.)

by JR Mortimer

Is this really necessary?
Am I really here?
Is the sky the black I expected?
Where are all those I hold dear?

Is this really right?
Can we make all the people cry?
Is the war the game I expected?
Is 'everything's ok' a lie?

Is this really important?
Can we do this to ourselves?
Do I get the pride that I expected?
Into the sand he delves.

Is this really ok?
Can I write this down with truth?
Maybe it's not meant to be
Maybe I want proof

Is this really it?
There must be more to come
I don't take things for granted
I just look what I've become

This mirror is just twisted
In my head it's just a mess
But my heart tells me who I am
I want to be no less

The helicopter's got to be landing
There has to be some escape
Clean the sand from your fingers
Don't show all this on tape

This isn't for the family album
It's not something to hold quite close
At least I'm getting home now.
And this is my last post.

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