Monday, 1 April 2013

Broadchurch - The Detective's Notebook (Eps 1-4)

Aha, a non-Doctor Who post! Those who follow me on Twitter and actually read my Tweets will have seen a couple about the new 8-part ITV Drama by Chris Chibnall, Broadchurch. This is essentially a summary of who I feel are the most likely suspects in the murder of 11 year old Danny Latimer. (Note: This is clearly only going to be for people who have watched the show. If you haven't, you're missing out, watch it!)

Suspect A - Joe Miller
Yes, it's happy husband of Detective Ellie Miller, or "Miller", depending on how good with first names you are. He's, so far, made friends with Alec Hardy (the only person to make friends with the moody detective), kissed his wife, looked after his children, and done a really good job at just being nice. And so he's a suspect. We know that Miller's son (Danny's best friend) is hiding something, and perhaps Joe found out about this and acted to stop his son getting found out? Joe would also have a more emotional impact if it turned out to be him.

Suspect B - Reverend Paul Coates (thanks Wikipedia for reminding me of all these names...)
A half-suspicious half-very nice man, I feel it might be a little too obvious to be Coates. Surely his insomnia and his late night walkings about are too obvious? Yet, he knew the kids, and he's the one that no one can seemingly think of a motive for. He also knows about a lot of things - did he act on someone else's instructions? Maybe. Maybe not.

Suspect C - Olly Stevens
The news reporter. Started off looking a bit annoying in Episode One, and has now faded into the background to support the storyline of fellow dodgy journalist Karen White. He still could have been the one to set it up, and again, there's no clear motive (except his evident desire to move up in the world of journalism).

Suspect D - Steve Connolly
The psychic phone engineer, who's clearly up to something, even though I'm fairly sure it isn't murder.

also: What about other suspicious people?

Well everyone's suspicious, and the four I've picked are perhaps the most 'odd' choices, which is why they're there. But other characters like the mad caravan lady with the skateboard, Susan Wright, and Mark Latimer's best buddy with a crossbow in his van, Nige Carter, know something's happening. Doubt they actually did the murder though.

and lastly: People it Definitely Isn't:

-Jack Marshall, creepy shop owner, is definitely looking the most likely with increasing connections to the case. But it's only episode four (at the time of writing this), so it isn't him.
-Mark Latimer, he may be a little bit creepy, but he's near enough been cleared. He was missing during the time of the murder, I think - but again, he's been raised as a suspect a little too early.

Other Mysteries:
-Whose the father of Beth Latimer's new child?
-Why does Susan Wright have a skateboard, and a secret with Nige Carter?
-Why does Nige have a crossbow in his van?
-Where was Mark Latimer between 1 and 3?

Oh and of course.. Anyone remember in the first episode? Where Beth notes that the clocks have stopped...

Episode Five of Broadchurch airs tonight!

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