Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Unbound Universe - Teaser

One of a few features I hope to do for Doctor Who's Golden Year, I've compiled a list of my 'Unbound' Doctors. The list contains thirteen alternative (though in the case of the last two - who knows if they might come true one day?) Doctors, and each of the alternate Doctors has played the Doctor at some time - be it in the actual TV Series, a version of the TV Series, an audio or a spoof. I've tried to go for the most canon Doctors I can, so some choices have been left out in favour of Doctors that have been closer to the TV Series. I'll be adding to the list on a separate page - but for now; here are some hints....

1: The closest 'canon' 1st Doctor you can have without it being William Hartnell.
2: Depends on your perception for this one I suppose, but on frequency he sits here.
3: Because of his companion, this Doctor has been chosen.
4: Initials 'TM'
5: This choice has absolutely nothing to do with the 5th Doctor, except maybe dates....
6: The second closest 'canon' Doctor I've chosen.
7: Has to go here because he so needed to be included, but couldn't go later on.
8: Has taken this place because of look, but lives seven years in the future...
9: The third closest 'canon' Doctor I've chosen.
10: Ooh. Now this could be another close 'canon' Doctor - but it's not quite that straight forward...
11: I was honestly going to choose Miranda Hart. But I haven't.
12: Anything goes here really - but this man has been chosen because he is the reason I created this list.
13: Please don't hurt me.

And on those hints, I shall leave you thinking! The revelations will be made every now and then via my Twitter @trilbyauton.

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