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Did You Say Something About Mummy? Time and the Rani

DID YOU SAY SOMETHING ABOUT MUMMY? (the line is of course taken from Vampires of/in Venice) is a new feature on this Blog, that includes me, sitting down with my mum, watching various Doctor Who episodes. We'll be watching out of order, we won't watch all of them, and then I'll record her comments and various things of interest here.

Our first story is Time and The Rani. I've never seen past Part One of this, I couldn't cope, so it was a new experience for both of us. I told her that this was Colin Baker's final story. For those who believe it is, there may be some spoilers ahead...


Me: so this is Colin Baker's last story.

Mum: So you've never seen it before either?

Me: Nope.

The episode begins.

Mum: Oo er. Aha! It's right at the beginning. Oh no, i thought it was right at the end! But that's ok. I like Sylvester McCoy

Me: This is the story Colin Baker didn't come back for.

Mum: so they put him (McCoy) in a wig? *laughs loudly* You couldn't tell.

Yeah. She's serious.

Me: This was voted something like the second worst story of all time.

Actually, it was the third worst, followed by Timelash and The Twin Dilemma, but never mind.

Mum: Really?

The Rani appears.

Mum: She's a Time Woman-y Lord isn't she?

I nod my reply.

The Seventh Doctor appears.

Mum: He's very different here. Very young and enthusiastic, very 'ooh yes', whereas by the end he was 'meh'.

Me: But that was deliberate, not because he'd got bored.

I then fill mum in on the Darker Doctor idea.

Mum: How long did he do this for?

Me: Three years.

Me: Are you looking forward to seeing Bonnie Langford as Mel?

Mum: Yeah... she'd been with Colin Baker most of the time?

Me: For six 25 minute episodes.

Mum: Oh right.

Me: What do you think of the 1987 graphics?

Mum: It's amazing.

That was sarcasm, obviously.

Then the Rani dresses up. I look at Mum. I actually don't think she's realised... that or she thinks the Rani dressing up is a good plot device.

When Real Mel appears, she still says nothing. Clearly thinks it's just a good plot device.

Mum: Were they in an old quarry somewhere?

Me: Mhmm.

Mum: I love watching old Doctor Whos. There appears to be a handy cement tunnel. That's useful.

Then - at last...

Mum: She's doing a good impression of Bonnie Langford. *laughs* Bouncy bouncy.

Yeah. She's serious.

She laughs at the Doctor's Napoleon outfit.

And then louder when he dresses up as Tom Baker.

Mum: Was that Tom Baker's coat? Haha, Jon Pertwee, very funny.

She's serious.

She laughs louder as he dresses as Peter Davison.

Mum: They were having a bit of fun with this one. Haha, Patrick Troughton!

Mum: So by rights she should blow up? But she won't.

Me: You never know.

Mum: It's very good, makes a change seeing a new one. You've not seen the next bit?

Me: Nope.

Mum: Why not?

Me: I don't think it's very good.

Mum: I really like it, if you look past the terrible 80s graphics.

Me: They're not bad, actually.

Mum: yeah. (then she later repeats) It's very good.

She's serious.


Me: Should he have stayed like this, or become a Darker Doctor?

Mum: I don't know, there are bits of 'him' in it. He's only silly for the first two minutes, he becomes more 'Sylvester McCoy' later on. I don't think it's one of the worst stories.

She later adds: I like Sylvester McCoy he's good. I keep forgetting you met him.

Mel is saved by water.

Mum: She's supposed to blow up! Haha, lucky for her!

Back in the Rani's pad.

Mum: Is he pretending that he doesn't remember her? ("Mel")

Me: No.

Mum: Ah.

The Tetrap arrives.

Mum: Ooh. The scream'd be enough to scare him off. Blimey.

Mum leaves the room while the Doctor and Mel wrestles. I think this was more coincidence, but I wouldn't blame her. She returns a few seconds later.

Mum's silent for the rest of the episode, except for pointing out when the cliffhanger will be.

Me: What do you think so far?

Mum: I like it, it's really good, it's keeping me quiet. I'm completely into it. What do you think?

Me: It's ok.

Mum: Do you not like it?

Me: Meh... I'll show you the best one one day, you'll hate it. You seem to like all the ones everyone else hates.The best one isn't very Doctor Who-y.

Mum: This one's Doctor Who-y. I like all the ones like that; Keeper of Traken and Logopolis. I love them.

I agree.


The cliffhanger is resolved.

Mum: I knew he was gonna turn up.

We return to Mel.

Mum: Bonnie Langford's actually good.

Me: Yeah, she's better than a lot of people think.

Mum: I just assumed she'd be really bad.

Me: She gets worse, in this season.
Mum: I need to watch some of those, there are serious gaps in my education.

The Tetrap turns up again.

Mum: His helmet looks really plastic-y though.

The Doctor trips Beyus up.

Mum: Aha. Is he a baddy really then?

Me: I don't know.

Beyus and Faroon have a heart to heart.

Mum: I think he's in on it.

The cliffhanger comes.

Mum: *gasps* We're absorbed, we're keeping quiet.


Mum: We''ll have to watch more of these.

Me: We'll do The Caves of Androzani next.

Mum: That's the worst one?

Me: No, the best one. Peter Davison's in it.

Mum: Oh right.

Me: I hated it the first time I watched it but I like it now.

Mum: I really like this one. I don't see why it's one of the worst ones, Sylvester McCoy's really good.

Me: Yeah, it's not as tacky as I thought it'd be, it's less silly.

Mum: She's (The Rani) really good.

Me: Oh yeah.

Mum: After that (Androzani), we'll have to watch the worse one.

Me: I've only ever got through fifteen minutes of that.

She is again, silent throughout the episode.

She gives it a round of applause at the end.

Mum: That was really good! Really enjoyed that, jolly jolly good.

She gives it an 8/10

As you read, next time we'll be watching The Caves of Androzani. You can share any thoughts on this commentary on the Comments section of Blogger, or on my Twitter, @cookiemonsta_eg. I'm hoping that after Androzani and Dilemma, we'll watch a few fan films (the 'we're trying to be professional' ones) and I'll write up the thoughts on those.

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