Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autons N Things


This is probably my twentieth attempt at a Blogger, and in the gap since I've had the last one I've had a Tumblr, which I'll still use to review occasional things on. The Tumblr can be found here:

On this blog I'll be generally talking about general things, generally moaning about geeky things, and generally reviewing random things that I'm interested in. All of the things I post will be advertised on my Twitter, @cookiemonsta_eg. I also have an Instagram... with no photos. At the minute. But that also goes by the name of triblywearingauton.

So quick thing about me then. I'm not an Auton, though they're my favourite Doctor Who monster (which makes me sound about ten but I don't care), and I'm an aspiring writer of TV and novels and stuff. I wear trilbies (obviously), and occasionally big glasses I don't actually need. I also occasionally hold writing competitiony things so keep an eye out for them.

JR Mortimer

A quick note on two blogs that are worth a look as well, just 'cos I look at them occasionally and those writing them talk about quite interest things (if you like books, TV or writing). Those are ex-Doctor Who Script Editor Andrew Cartmel and YouTube Figure Adventure maker Tom Newsom.

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